Excerpt from "Steelheading Die Hard or Insanity?" Part 2

All this just to release the fish back into the river to continue its migration up river to spawn.  Letting the fish go is a fitting end to the pursuit.

After a long day of fishing, it’s tough to pull off your boots, waders, and various layers of clothes.  The cuts on your frozen fingers burn, and when your feet defrost, it doesn’t tickle. Next, it’s off to get some dinner and either to sleep at one of the many area hotels, or in the car to go home.  Either way the thought of the days fishing and the excitement of the next time, take over the conversation.  Anthony usually always gives his famous “I love seelheading” at this point.  Four and a half hours later or more, I finally am home.  I usually get mobbed by my two young sons, and I always think about when they will be able to come with me.   

When I tell people what goes into steelheading, they all think that it’s insane, and that we are crazy fishing for the mighty steelhead.  I never disagree, and I tell them “This is what die hard steelheaders do!”

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