Fishing Beer Review : Flying Dog Brewery - Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout

Notes From Website
Pearl Necklace is brewed with local Rappahannock River Oysters and is the perfect compliment to everyone's favorite aphrodisiac - whether they are grilled, fried, stuffed, or raw. Drink beer and restore the Bay! Proceeds from Pearl Necklace benefit the Oyster Recovery Partnership, which coordinates and conducts oyster restoration in the Chesapeake Bay.


As somebody who hates oysters this was an adventurous choice for me even because of the name. But I usually like beers that are a little but off the beaten path so I figured to give it a go. The proceeds of this beer actually protect chesapeke bay oysters which is pretty cool. This is a limited run beer so get it while its hot. This beer is crazy dark and I poured it pretty heavy and got a nice frothy head. You don't get an oyster taste from the beer as some people would suggest, in fact, the flavor that stood out for me was coffee. For a dark beer, this one is a grand slam. Check this out while you can.

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