Fishing Beer Review : Tröegs Brewing Company - LaGrave Triple Golden Ale

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Inspired by nature’s untamed beauty, LaGrave (pronounced \l?-gräv\) is the first of our 12.7-oz. corked and caged bottle releases. Bottle conditioned and highly carbonated, this Triple Golden Ale is steeped in the tradition of strong ales originally brewed in Belgium. The unique Belgian yeast forms the bedrock of LaGrave’s complex flavors. Strong and alluring at 8% ABV, LaGrave boasts a sweet, fruity flavor with a well-rounded mouthfeel and semi-dry, lingering bitter finish.


This is a damn good beer, its smooth and strong, you can taste whats in the beer even through the hops up front. I've reviewed Tröegs beer before and I always like what they put out but this one knocked it out of the park for me. I'm not the most talented beer reviewer out there but to me I definitely get a citrus or fruity tone from it to go along with quite a bit of bite for a golden beer. It comes in a kick ass bottle and has a wicked good froth. I would definitely try this beer out if you get the chance. You can't go wrong with this kick ass offering from Tröegs.

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