It's Here!

As I drove to work this morning, it was snowing. Nothing major, but enough to make you say "will it ever end?"  Its been a long, cold winter again here in the Northeast.  There is still snow on the ground, our rivers are either still frozen or ice cold and high, but Opening Day here in NY is just days away. 

Opening day has kind of come full circle for me.  When I first started to fly fish over 20 years ago,  I couldn't wait for the opener.  I remember always getting my gear ready and getting up well before sunrise to hit the water.  As time went on it kind of lost its luster.  Crowds,  social life, and work usually reduced my motivation to spend the day on the water.  About 7 years ago I began looking forward to opening day more and more.  Even though I was fishing right through the winter, Opening Day marked the beginning of a new season, and looking forward to the next few months of non stop bugs and fishing!  I finally got to fish areas that I had scouted and hoped would hold some holdover fish.  It is always fun to see Dads and their kids out on the water, or helping a newbie out a little.  We get very excited at the shop when it approaches. Everyone comes in running around  buying materials to make their go to flies, and stocking up on leaders and tippet. Everyone is buzzing with the fever.

Last year was the first year I took out my oldest son fishing on Opening Weekend.  He finally got a pair of waders and really like playing in the mud with them on.  He did get very excited when we finally caught a rainbow trout, his favorite. I plan on taking him out this Saturday and he is more excited than he was last year.  It will be a great time on the water and I cant wait. 

I'm lucky to have Opening Day off this year.  Ill be out early, hopefully going to the Neversink River.  This year,  I am making a bit more of a personal focus on fishing some more remote places where I can really enjoy, and take in my experiences on the water.  Lots of long walks in the woods and hopefully some fish too are the plan for the year, in addition to guiding. 

In closing, if you live or fish in New York, enjoy your Opening Day with friends, family, or just by yourself.   If you don't live here enjoy your opening day whenever your state has theirs!

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