Don't Sit on your hands

So many of us have had so many ideas over the years for products or other revenue generating ideas and we have watched others step up and steal our thunder due to our own laziness or lack of initiative. Don't let it happen to you!

Some of you are aware that we have been working on a program for a year or two where we are going to offer you fly tying videos that can be watched along with a kit that we sell that includes all of the materials needed to tie a few dozen of them. It's a pretty cool idea that to our knowledge had not been done so we started putting some money away last year to start the project.

Well...this past winter the good folks at Headhunters Fly Shop out of Craig, MT did just that. They started an identical program and its live on their website. We aren't mad and we aren't complaining about it. In fact, I had a good chuckle when I saw it because I can only be mad at myself for not being a little more proactive.

Point being, there is not a lot in this business that has not been done so if you do come up with an original idea, act on it as fast as possible, it seems easy to say, as it was in our case because we have been funding the project, but we probably could have been a little more rushed and timely in our efforts.

In closing, I really do wish them the best. These boys have been providing kick ass service in the business for a long time and if you find yourself in Craig you should definitely look them up.

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