Fishing Beer Review : Flying Dog Brewery - Easy IPA

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Aromas of grapefruit and subtle spice meld into lemon and pine hop notes balanced with crisp cracker malt. Pair this with tailgates, mowing the lawn, and anything else that calls for a light, yet flavorful, beer. Easy IPA is the first beer in our Brewhouse Rarities series of staff-pitched and elected limited releases to become a part of our regular portfolio.


As somebody who is not generally a fan of IPA's, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I'm not going to go as far to say Ill ever buy this in more than onesies or twosies though. There, I finally used those two words in writing. This beer has a beautiful golden color and a gentle fruity smell, its certainly not overpowering. The carb was pretty mild but don't expect it not to be hoppy. With that said, it's a lot more gentle than a lot of the IPA's I have had. I think the beer was a little bitter but as with other light IPA's it goes down smooth, not to worry though, this one comes in under 5%.
Reviewed 3/19/15

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